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    Hello, welcome to the homepage of a project of a group of students of Economics at the Business School of the Plymouth University. This web-application attempts to provide a comprehensive method of assessing countries in terms of welfare and financial equality relatively to carefully set standards in relation to other countries of the whole world.

    The method this site uses is presentation of data using spider charts, as observation of a relative sizes and dimensions of the connected points is visually more friendly than a simple array of walues, which is however also provided. The data taken from reliable sources has been adjusted to fit uniform scale from 0 to 100. Both links to the sources and method of adjustment its further explanation is available in the section Methodology accessible from the horizontal menu on the top of the page.Raw adjusted data for all regions can be seen in the Raw Data & Sourcefile.

    There are two ways of browsing the output of our research. The first is browsing through the charts of all countries sorted alphabetically and categorized by continents, which is accessible through the browse section. There is also a possibility to list up to four countries for a side-by side comparison using the compare section.

    Thank you for visiting this site. We hope that our findings are useful. Feel free to use any content of this website under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

    Creative Commons Licence


    BAAM Model specification sheet [PDF]